The PilotLegis Story


PilotLegis was formed as a risk purchasing group in 1991 in response to a difficult lawyers’ professional liability (LPL) insurance market.

With LPL claims on the rise, mid-size law firms, standing alone, struggled to find adequate insurance amidst skyrocketing premiums, inadequate limits, and exiting markets. Within this hostile environment, attorneys and legal administrators from a few forward-thinking firms formed PilotLegis to generate purchasing power for select midsize law firms willing to embrace risk management, with the goal of obtaining preferential coverage terms at preferential rates in all insurance cycles.

Integral to Pilot’s success was finding sophisticated, financially sound carriers who were committed to the LPL class of business. Since its inception, Pilot has embraced relationship underwriting and the benefits of open, candid and frequent communication with its insurance partners. Several decades later, Pilot is insured by the most secure insurance markets available.

Throughout Pilot’s history, the group has benefited immensely from a dedicated team of Aon insurance brokers devoted to helping us navigate the intricacies of policy language, tracking market trends, and providing unparalleled expertise in all aspects of the complex buying process.

Today, PilotLegis is thriving. Our risk management efforts are innovative, our claims experience consistently surpasses the experience of law firms outside of PilotLegis, and our coverage, policy terms and security are extremely strong, all of which contribute to a unique program that works well for our members and our insurers.

"PilotLegis is a long term partnership among mid-size law firms, brokers, and underwriters. Since 1991, that partnership has provided us with effective risk management tools and dependable coverage."