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The best decisions are well informed. PilotLegis is committed to helping our members access the best and most up-to-date information on risk management. Learn more specifics about PilotLegis through our FAQs.

A: No. PilotLegis is a risk-purchasing group (RPG) organized under the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986. As an RPG, PilotLegis members enjoy easy and more cost-effective access to a range of professional liability carriers. Our formal corporate name is Professional Insurance Liability Organization, Inc. We are organized under Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation law. We are headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. Our professional staff includes Executive Director Margaret Hepper, Ryan Kovach, Assistant Executive Director, and Brandon Martin, Executive Assistant.

A: Risk allocation is critical in both stable and unstable financial markets. PilotLegis secures its professional liability insurance, on a subscription basis, from the world’s leading providers of specialist insurance products for mid-sized firms – providers that know and understand the mid-sized law firm market.

A: PilotLegis has a long-term relationship with Aon which has provided unparalleled expertise in all aspects of the complex buying process. For more information about the Aon team members who represent PilotLegis, go to The Team page.

A: Candidates for membership are midsize firms, generally with 20-200 attorneys, that focus on business transactions, commercial litigation, insurance defense and other areas of defense litigation, real estate and tax work, estates and trusts, and intellectual property. Candidates undergo a thorough screening process that involves an on-site assessment of the firm’s risk management program.

A: In the traditional sense, there is no “sharing of risk.” But as a group with a well-defined mission, PilotLegis firms have been carefully screened and are continuously reviewed to ensure quality practice controls are maintained. Firms must apply and are vetted by our professional staff and member firms. Most firms apply as a result of member referrals and introductions. See a list of member firmsLearn more about how you can join.

A: When it comes to insurance, you generally get what you pay for. PilotLegis was not designed to “beat the market,” but rather, offers stability through both multiyear and annual policies at competitive, intelligent terms. Where PilotLegis is different is in our approach to risk management. We have a passion for helping law firms identify and reduce their risk, leading to fewer claims, better service for claims when they do arise, and stronger long-term relationships with underwriters. In this way, PilotLegis offers law firms a superior value. For law firm managers, the savings are generated through lower operating costs and reduced risk. Members understand that PilotLegis is not just an insurance product, but also a better way of doing business.

A: We’ve worked hard to craft policies that include terms our members need and want. PilotLegis’ consistent attention to risk management allows us to negotiate some of the most favorable terms available in the insurance market. For instance, PilotLegis is the only source for multiyear policy options for qualified midsize firms.

A: We focus our risk management education on the specific needs of midsize law firms make up the majority of our members, and include both lawyers and staff in our educational programs. We offer a variety of risk management education programs, including our annual conference and midyear program; Pilot U, our interactive, on-site educational resource; semi-annual roundtable discussions for managing partners, risk management partners, and law firm administrators; and periodic on-site risk reviews.

A: Each member of PilotLegis is required to appoint a Risk Management Partner, who is responsible for coordinating risk management functions at the firm. All firms must participate in PilotLegis’ periodic risk management reviews, and are asked to set annual risk management goals. With the assistance of PilotLegis resources and the additional sharing of information with other members firms, members have continuing access to appropriate, current, and effective risk controls.

A: Though not required, member firms are encouraged to participate in PilotLegis’ management. Partners and law firm administrators serve on our Board of Directors and/or participate on one of our five committees: Claims Management, Marketing, Membership & Standards, Risk Management, and Strategic Planning. Members say that their involvement in PilotLegis helps them improve their own internal risk management programs, and to remain confident that the group is satisfying member needs.

A: Yes. In addition to PilotLegis’ regular risk management programs, our annual conference features roundtable discussions designed for and attended by those who practice and manage intellectual property practices.

A: No. Unlike other mutuals, PilotLegis’ commercial underwriters set rates based on the risk characteristics of each firm. The result is that a firm’s successful risk management efforts are rewarded in the form of lower premiums.

A: No. While each firm must purchase a minimum $10M limit, each firm has multiple choices, which can be amended at any policy renewal date.