Welcome to the PilotLegis website. As Chair of PilotLegis and as a partner in a PilotLegis member firm, I invite you to browse this site as a resource from which you can learn about our uniquely valuable program through which select mid-size law firms purchase Lawyers’ Professional Liability (“LPL”) coverage from a panel of exceptional insurance carriers. 

PilotLegis was formed in 1991 to generate purchasing power for law firms that are willing to embrace risk management procedures, with the goal of obtaining superior coverage terms at superior rates.  PilotLegis members have never wavered from these goals, and the group is thriving. We extend invitations to join the group only to firms with demonstrably sound risk management structures and cultures.  We offer our members innovative and timely risk management programs.  We hold annual meetings at which representatives from member firms share ideas and brainstorm about firm practices and governance.  And these efforts to educate and build affinity among the firms pay off-our claims experience routinely surpasses the experience of law firms outside of PilotLegis.

Having an excellent claims track record works to the benefit of the individual firms and the participating insurers alike.  As a result of the group’s top-notch performance, our members enjoy favorably negotiated coverage terms not otherwise available to individual firms in our class, claims handling resources that take into account the long-term relationship between PilotLegis and its insurers, and the first-rate financial stability offered by the most secure London and domestic insurance markets.  We also have a dedicated team of Aon insurance brokers devoted to helping us navigate the intricacies of policy language and market rate trends.  As a result, firms receive the benefits of group membership at preferential and predictable pricing. 

PilotLegis is not for everyone. Not all firms place a premium on building and maintaining a strong firm-wide team to manage risks while offering the highest quality client representation.  Moreover, for a firm that is looking for an off-the-shelf insurance product with little regard for coverage details or claims handling resources, and with no interest in fostering a sense of long-term loyalty between the firm and its insurers, other options abound.  PilotLegis, by contrast, offers a unique path along the Lawyers’ Professional Liability landscape.  We trust you’ll find our website useful in exploring whether this path is the right path for your firm. 

Lisa Perrochet
Chair, PilotLegis